Sunday, April 10, 2011

Loving Hong Kong: Part 1

After a wobbly start back in Hong Kong post my holiday back home, things seemed to have changed, significantly. This weekend, I've done a complete 180 and I've well and truly fallen for it, and I've fallen hard. It most definitely has something to do with the fact that the weather has been AH-mazing. Just brilliant. Superb. Picture perfect blue skies every day, a balmy mid-20 degree temperature, minimal humudity and lots to keep me busy has meant a smile has been constantly plastered across my face. And that bubble of excitement that I first felt when I arrived seems to have made its way back to the surface, where I'm hoping it will decide to stay! Oh yeah, and for some reason I'd forgotten that I live on a tropical island in South East Asia. Musn't forget that teeny awesome fact.

Some great friends here have just bought a car, which is such a treat in a city dominated by taxis, trams, buses, minibuses and the good old motorised escalator. We all thought we'd make the most of this new found freedom and head out to the south of the island to take the bad boy for a spin and grab some grub. We took ourselves off to Shek O after a false start at Deepwater Bay. FYI for you locals....Coco Thai and Copacabana have shut down. Computer says nooooo..... 

Shek O is the furthest beach on the southern side of the island and unlike many of the other beaches, actually has waves. I know! Crazy. It has the vibe of a little coastal shanty town somewhere in Thailand, is full of colour, surfboards and bohos and is a brilliant escape from the sometimes suffocating madness of Central.

Pardon my French

After wow-ing at the beach and the temperature of the water and the whole holiday-ness of it, we tore ourselves away for some grub at the Black Sheep, a great little Western style cafe in the hub of the town. The ambiance, the pizza, the prawns, the squid and the salad were great, as was the nightclub-esque annex which lead to the beach-shack of a unisex toilet clearly designed for the gnomes guarding the entrance.

After a great drive back home with Tom Petty blaring, we bunkered down for a few home-made Margharitas at our friends' place. I had a superb cocktail in my hand, great chat with great friends, great tunes in the background, my husband by my side and a smile from ear to ear.

I think I may have found my Happy Hong Kong place.....


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Tai, Tai!

I love the photos. The colour and the old ladies dressed 'their way' for the beach.

The love of sun and good waves is universal for young boys of any country, I think!

Take care

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Mollie said...

Liked how the surfer photobombed your photo.

Have an award for you, if you like.

Raine and Sage said...

Amazing how restorative good weather and the outdoors can be. The colours in your beach shots and the little town are cheering me up, from my track pant cladded, ready to put my ugg boots on weather. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Leah - The Inside Story said...

What beautiful weather and a beautiful weekend. Sunny weather sure makes everything feel right doesn't it? Loved the beach scenery!! Leahxx

Alice Becomes said...

never think of hong kong for its beaches, looks like you have found your Hong Kong, enjoy it

Tom Petty, Margharitas, Good friends and family? Stop it!!! So envious

Gill xo

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