Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting my ass kicked by 23g

Being pregnant hasn't been at all what I expected. I've given ample air time to the thought of wanting a baby, but I never actually thought about the foetus part, the 'being pregnant' bit. Probably wise.

Apart from the amazingness of seeing our healthy little baby alive and kicking on the ultrasounds, and the fun chats about life with a baby I'm having with my husband, the rest has been pretty crappy. Don't get me wrong, I'm SO excited about having this baby in our lives and am SO grateful we didn't have trouble conceiving. I'm just hoping the delightful little one is getting all its difficultness out of its system now and will be every parent's delightful dream come true come actual human, crying, pooing-baby time.

Now I know all you readers out there with kids will have been through this a thousand times (well hopefully not a thousand. Sausage down a hallway anyone?) and will think this old news, but this is very new news for me. And the reality of it all is punching me square in the face.

This has been my very 'precious' but somewhat ferocious last 3 months:

  • I've got massive boobs, which granted are fabulous, but they hurt like hell. 
  • I feel nauseous pretty much all the time. And I have been more than partial to a vomit or 463. This has definitely improved in the past week, and I find if I have a blueberry muffin or a piece of banana bread in my mouth at least every 2 hours, I feel considerably better. Wha' chu gonna do?
  • I've put on kg after kg as a result. In all the wrong places. I wish I could blame the baby, however I think it weighs about 23g. Sigh.
  • I cannot stand the smell of Asian food. Lucky I don't live in Asia. Ahem.
  • I feel like I've run a marathon every day, which would be great if in fact I had run further than the bedroom to the bathroom. But I haven't. 
  • I basically don't feel like talking to anybody. 
  • Gas. 'Nuff said. 
  • I haven't exercised properly in 3 months. I'm no exercise freak but I need to exercise to feel remotely sane which means I've basically been insane for 12 weeks. Super. Have fun with that Phil.
  • I've got the skin of a pubescent 14 year old. 
  • I've been ridiculously constipated. Not fun people, not fun. 
  • I can't eat sashimi, or smoked salmon, or cake batter or runny poached eggs. Only my favourite things in the world to eat. 
  • I can't drink alcohol. Fun police anyone?

Now I didn't mean for this blog post to be a whinge, but would-you-look-at-that, I think its become one. Sozza. I'll blame the pregnancy hormones. I'll be blaming them for a lot these next 6 months... "It's not me! It's the hormones!" kind of get-out-of-jail-free-stuff. But I am SO close to this golden 2nd trimester and I've got every finger and toe crossed that I'm not going to be one of those por sods who is sick for the whole 9 months. Pray for me people. Pray for me.


SAHMlovingit said...

*prays for Bridget*

My heart goes out to you - it's no fun. My husband thought my 'new' boobs were fabulous when I was pregnant but I threatened to chop his balls off if he came within an inch of them they were so sore.

I found peppermint tea and ginger biscuits helped with the nauseous feeling. Sadly they don't help the gas!

Wait until the heartburn and the swollen feet and ankles kick in. Hopefully it won't come to that but it was hell for me in the last couple of months.

Big hugs to you.


beachcomber said...

hope it gets better soon. at least you have a great sense of humour. i remember having massive boobs after birth and having to sit in hospital with cabbage leaves on them. maybe you could try that to help with the pain.
cheryl x

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Oh dear you I hope you feel better soon. There is no law to say you have to enjoy being pregnant I certainly didn't so don't worry about having a whinge.

This Mid 30s Life said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! What wonderful news.

And reading that reminded me SO much of my first pregnancy. In spite of all that, I loved being pregnant. I never thought my second baby would be my last, but my husband doesn't want a third. Boooo!

Now I know you are getting advice from everyone, so I am about to be really annoying. But I tell everyone this: if you're after a great birth book, order "Birth Skills" by Juju Sandin and Sarah Murdoch. I had a 2nd Dr for my second baby, and I borrowed this from him. The difference between my first and second labours was amazing, and I really wish I had read that book first time round.

Since then I tell everyone about it, and now lots of my friends swear by it too.

Of course feel very free to ignore me! I know all the advice drove me NUTS - the worst being once the baby was born, from those without children. Grrrrrrr. xxx

Abbey said...

Yay Bridge!!! I too am a "Birth Skills" advocate!! And everyone I've reccommended it too has had wonderful labours also.... But we are a few months from that!!

Had to giggle at the title.... You wait til your ass is getting kicked by a 3+ kg baby.... And not just your ass, but ribs, diaphragm, back, hips..... Oh the fun. Enjoy it sweety. It might be hell now, but it really is worth all the awful parts! And whinge away.... Who said you had to stop winging after pregnancy? Tired, emotional mummy hormones are just as fun xxxx

Jane said...

Holy crap, am I really far behind on blog reading?! I had no idea you were pregnant! CONGRATULATIONS! I hear the pregnancy hormones in the 2nd trimester take a turn for the better and make it all a million times easier. xxx PS "Sausage down a hallway" - love it!

Amos said...

Have you had to give yourself an enema yet? Now that's when the fun really begins...

therhythmmethod said...

My advice:
1) walk - helps with the exercise and also gets your bowels moving
2) drink Metamucil or some kind of fibre drink every day. EVERY DAY. Nuff said. Will also help with the gas.
3) You will start to feel better in the second trimester. Dry cereal was good for me, helped to keep the blood sugar steady and ease the nausea. And try to avoid being around food. I found I couldn't do the grocery shopping in the first half of my first pregnancy. Or open the fridge. And I still managed to put on 18 kilos ... go figure?
Good luck. Sounds like a super healthy pregnancy. x

Suz said...

Wow Bridge Congratulations! Don't worry they are worth it 100 times over. xox

ecoMILF said...

I hear you! Head over to my blog and click on the button that says 'natural pregnancy and birth' I am pretty sure you'll find some remedies for the sickness/heartburn etc. Ginger tea works wonders. You'll get over it. Hang in there. I was so sick with both of mine until around week 15. Then it's smooth sailing until about week 30 when you just want that baby out!! xo m.

Recursively said...

Zofran for the nausea - it's awesome but makes you more 'pated, so for that eat plums, stay well hydrated, and take Senna plus stool softener (talk to your doc of course first). On the asian food, grab a bottle of lemon oil or lemon juice and sniff it to feel better, but yeah, me too. I finally kicked the sickness at 15 weeks (3 weeks longer than I was told, but their pituitaries are developing, so they get to manage their own hormones, yeah!). Don't worry about the weight. Uterus and blood is doubling in your body, don't forget. Hang in there! You will feel great and get energy back in a few weeks!!! (I'm at 16 weeks 1 day and feel so much better!!!)

Leah - The Inside Story said...

Congratulations Bridget! I know it wasn't that much fun for me when I was pregnant, but it wasn't that bad either (looking back). I found it much harder when the baby came home, forget about child birth, the real fun(not) starts when you get home. But your childs face makes you cope and it's all worth it. How exciting for you and your husband. Again congrats. Leahxx

Anonymous said...

Huge congrats! I'm a HK blogger and going through my second pregnancy but it's not common knowledge yet so I can't blog about it :-( Loving reading your stories and living sort of vicariously - I can't wait to let loose! For the record, I'm also a fan of Birth Skills, my first labour and birth was an incredible experience and I put it all down to the advice in that book (and my kick-arse birth partner/husband). Check out A Mother's Touch, based here in HK for antenatal classes and mummy-indulging stuff like massages. Hope the nausea passes really soon.

Posie Patchwork said...

Congratulations & don't worry about the weight gain, i'm not a celebrity but i lost the weight literally within a week of having each of my babies, including twins, bounced back like an elastic band. I ate everything too, breastfeeding was my friend, then Yoga for toning, kapow, felt great. Love Posie

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