Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Pok

Amongst all the madness and sadness going on for those dear friends I talked about yesterday, life is actually pretty good for us at the moment. Our move out of Midlevels to the 'burbs has been exactly what we needed, and has given us a level of happiness and satisfaction with the status quo that I haven't felt for a long time.

Fletch and I braved the searing heat this morning and headed off for a walk. The Pok was looking pretty spesh, so I took a few shots to show you my hood.

Opposite our place. Nice.

The local cemetery across the road and a very clean (ahem) footpath.

The school opposite our place.
That's my apartment block there on the left. Stick out much?
That's our apartment again there on the left.
More on the insides of the apartment tres soon.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Candy strings and trampolines

I've been in Sydney the past two weeks. Fletch and I went back for a last minute visit, to feel not so far away from the shit that's been going on. It was good. Good to be there. To be close. But after a few days, I felt far away....again. Because shit started going down back in Hong Kong. Dear friends, who don't deserve any sort of shit, had to deal with things beyond my comprehension. Shit that hurt. Lies that hurt. Stuff that unexpectedly changed the course of their lives. Meanwhile, more shit was still happening in Sydney. Recovery, cancer. That young guy who died in Thredbo last week was an old friend of my brothers. Heartache, loss, rebuilding. Hurt and pain for so many. 

You know when you're little you think the world, life, is candy on strings around your wrists, finding a shell in the sand, somersaults on trampolines. Bad stuff only happened in the news in places far away with names you couldn't pronounce. It was forgotten about as quickly as it was heard. 

I want back to that. Because this 'grown up' business where people get hurt, feelings are shattered,  people are sick, and die... I'm not up for it. It's shit and what scares me is, this is life

Bring back the candy and trampolines.